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Anjali Sapra: Art of Nature and Spirituality

January 17, 2017


Anjali Sapra’s “Tree of Life”

Around the world, through time and cultures, the tree has come to symbolize life, growth and the goodness of Nature. The series of paintings, “Elemental Spaces” by New Delhi-based artist Anjali Sapra germinated from her reflections on mythology; turning her thoughts into visual manifestations which are imbued with symbols, metaphors and elements of nature. Inspired by the techniques of impressionists and the Mughal miniaturists, Sapra celebrates the depth of the human experience and oneness with nature through her work.



The Banyan tree, a ubiquitous Indian sight, emerges as a symbol for Earth that signifies life-giving energy, stability and immortality. It’s rich canopy spreads upwards and outwards graciously offering protection and shade, while its tasseled hanging roots reach solemnly for the ground. Her art is connected with spirituality and nature. It plays on the essential truths of life by combining perspectives inspired by literature, philosophy, religion, culture, and mythology.



Sapra’s stately compositions celebrate a grand picture of nature in all her joyous glory. The artist studied the origins of natural pigments which inspired an evolution in her thinking, relating her art with nature and the essence of being. The art expresses the internal spiritual struggle of humanity that yearns towards a higher light, waiting to be transformed like mundane substances into radiant colours.



Sapra continues to be inspired by the profound simplicities of the everyday world - Nature’s bountiful troves of flora and fauna that she weaves into her depiction of complex metaphors.  Her journey, of both outward expression and inward self-exploration, is juxtaposed at the doorstep of the possibilities of human enlightenment, and celebrates the freedom and expression of the human spirit.






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