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Art in Vintage Indian Decor

April 07, 2017


Vintage Indian décor has a timeless grace and presence that can transport one through history with feet firmly rooted in the now. An ever-green staple for Indian homes, hotels and other interior spaces, vintage décor’s classic appeal is rooted in its acknowledgment of heritage and culture. Artistic sensibilities are refined and regal, cultivated through centuries of stylistic creations and influences. Artworks that grace vintage spaces pay homage to many traditional and folk styles from across India, showcasing the country’s immense talent and diversity- inspired by the caves of Ajanta to the banks of Benaras, the royal courts of kings to the tribal art of village-folk.


Ode to Heritage



Indian aesthetics are deeply permeated by a sense of history and culture. Vintage decor gives an affirmative nod to nostalgia - dreaming of palaces and havelis. India has a rich history of traditional artforms from across the country and different time periods. Miniatures, Tanjore paintings, Warli, Gond, Pichwai and Madhubani are just a few artistic styles that celebrate local cultures and themes, regaling us with their stories and sharing the warmth of the local people. Art is truly central to vintage Indian decor as it captures the spirit of the contemporary space in the frames of centuries past.


Elegant Matte Hues


Rich and regal best describe a vintage Indian decor space. Muted matte colours in art and interiors offer a rich colour palette without being loud. Their restrained, powdery hues fill the space with an old-world charm that is mature and refined. The sombre colours are also reminiscent of earthen tones that tie in with the vintage decor’s character of reflecting the environment that it inhabits. Picking from a breath-taking range of options for art, curios and decor pieces, the constant parameter remains the elegance of a space.


An Indian Summer



Yellow, the vibrant and happy colour of summer has a deep connection with a vintage Indian decor aesthetic. From shades of lemon to deeper ochers, the colour’s ability to elevate the spirit of a space is time-tested. With such a joyous backdrop, such art and decor elements stand out more delightfully, confident in their own characters. A strong and soulful colour, pairing art with yellow-dominant interiors can be done in several ways - complement it with the fellow warm colours of orange and red, contrast it with cool colours to create a vibrant splash or use  monochromatic art to subtly add visual elements.


A Modern Sophistication



The beauty of vintage Indian décor can be translated into many different combinations while staying true to its graceful aesthetics. Vintage art and décor pieces can be easily paired with more contemporary looking spaces and elements, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the old with the new. Timeless art pieces depicting the rich heritage can add a touch of old-world charm and sophistication to modern spaces, rooting them in a historically conscious context while still appealing to a sense of newness and progress.


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