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Bring the Sea Home with Coastal Decor & Art

June 09, 2017

In a 2012 Financial Times article, Zaha Hadid wrote that London would have been perfect if only it had a beach. She described her perfect day as waking up and going straight to the beach where she could lounge under the sun, something many of us would happily agree with. The soothing waves, the calming feeling of the sand under your toes and the whisper of the gentle sea- breeze make for a perfect retreat. This spirit is captured in the relaxed vibe of coastal decor for those who want to take the sea home.



Air & Light


The sea invokes a sense of grandness- waters undulating till the stretched horizon where it meets the expanse of the sky above. Coastal decor imbibes this essence with breezy spaces that allow for ample sunshine and light. Light coloured large, abstract artworks, like the one seen here, beautifully complement the decor colour-scheme. Its gentle mix of soothing colours and light texture add an extra dimension of softness to the space.


Beach= Blue + Beige


The blue of the sea and the beige of the sand- the two colours are the overwhelming favourites of coastal decor colour-schemes. The gentle colours along with elements of white help the decor maintain its subdued, neutral yet charming appeal. Seascapes depicting the pristine beauty of the beach cannot be more well suited for such spaces. They continue the decor’s affinity for simple lines with an uncluttered appeal.


Country Chic


Some coastal decor spaces can also have elements of country and rustic decor. All the three styles create spaces that have a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming. Pair the fusion decor with an interesting collection of curios and artworks that depict nautical and sea themes help add a personal touch to the space and create a cozy environment like the one seen here.


Fresh from the Ocean


Perhaps the most defining characteristic of coastal decor, motifs from the deep blue can be found in almost all coastal- inspired spaces. Through artworks, curios and other decor elements, motifs like reefs, corals, shells, fish and various exquisite elements found in the beach and underwater landscapes, are incorporated into the interiors. They authentically create an environment where one can feel immersed in treasures of the sea and soothed by their almost other-worldly appeal.


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