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Featured Artist: Vatsala Menon

December 23, 2016


There is a long history of colours being associated with certain attributes and moods in different cultures. Phrases like “feeling blue”, “seeing red”,“green with envy”, and “in the pink of health” are ingrained in language and evoke a sense of immediate familiarity and recognition. The abstract artworks of Vatsala Menon, with their rich colours and titles like “Flamboyance” and “Deception” play on a similar level of using colours not just for their immediate visual effect but also as a means of portraying something more innate, more intangible.

Born in India, Menon is largely a self-taught artist based in Maryland, U.S.A. “Straight from the Heart”, encapsulates Menon’s approach towards art, using them to express her inner visions, feelings and emotions.



Colours have a special meaning when it comes to abstract works that are free from the conventional imagery of realism. Expressive colours help convey subtle nuances of meaning and emotion that the sharp and definite articulation of words can cut past.



Menon’s jewel-toned abstract artworks are composed in a way that creates the feeling of space and scale with bold brush-strokes; grandness and vitality with their pulsating colours.



Her artworks are driven by an inspired passion for painting, fueled by the joy of creativity. Painting itself becomes an emotional endeavour with different colours adding different energies to the artwork which come together and form a harmonious whole




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