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Show Your Love of Animals Through Art & Decor!

June 09, 2017

Sometimes in our busy lives, it may seem that we have become distant from nature. However, man and animal have always been close. The earliest forms of art, cave paintings,dating back to a staggering 40,000 years ago and show our ancestors draw simple and complex animal drawings. They were moved by what they saw in their environment and made a record of it for us to be amazed by thousands of years later. Animal inspired themes and elements continue to be found in decor spaces, adding a touch of wild and whimsy, and a sense of warmth and mirth.


Playful Arrangements


Artworks depicting animals are evergreen favourites for spaces like nurseries and children’s rooms. Colourful and playful renderings create an environment of joyful innocence- a perfect backdrop for a happy childhood. They can help inculcate an early appreciation for art that goes on to foster young minds’ creativity and imagination. Whether it is the big, bad wolf or three little pigs, these artworks introduce an element of visual storytelling and drama, adding dynamism to the decor space.


Fun Yet Sophisticated


Animal prints add a sense of warmth to a contemporary decor while upholding the space’s elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Rich patterns that make for statement pieces in the decor, pair perfectly with contemporary and abstract artworks that convey the same edgy, modern appeal. While the animal patterns add an element of fun to the space, the artworks round it off with an air of mature sophistication.


For Our Furry Friends


The artworks we populate our spaces with are true reflectors of who we are and what we love. The tradition of making portraits and of commemorating people (and in this case animals) through art goes back hundreds of years and keeps us close to what we value in life. These artworks are sweet reminders of things that make us happy and enrich our lives, making the whole decor space smile.


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