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Artist Inspirations - Somenath Maity's Ode to the Cities

June 17, 2016

Artist Inspirations  


For various reasons ‘the urban’ has come to be associated with squalor and dirty, a hurried pace and restlessness that does not easily convey a sense of beauty. However, Somenath Maity, one of West Bengal’s leading contemporary artists, takes pause and presents a different side of urban landscapes.

Born in 1960 in Midnapore, Maity grew up in a small town and went on to travel to Kolkata to study Fine Art at the College of Visual Arts. Here he was fascinated by the pulse of a big city and sought to uncover the hidden beauty of urban environments that is often overlooked.

The prolific painter has gained wide recognition and acclaim both within the country and abroad. His works have been exhibited in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, London, New York, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Singapore, Tokyo and more.

Painting mostly with oil colors on canvas, his distinct style with bold strokes and captivating layers, communicate a kind of energy that is reminiscent of cities.

Titled “Structures”, his paintings capture buildings in the mellow and warm light of morning or during the vibrant changing hues of dusk.

Along with his characteristic structures, his paintings also showcase interesting backdrops that range from the dramatic to the somber, giving each work its own personality

Maity’s works have often been described as avant-garde. He regards color as having an important and meaningful role in his compositions, each of which come together and collectively give life to the structure of the painting.

His novel visions help us look at buildings beyond their walls and physicality, into their integrity as structures that occupy an important place in our lives and in our cities. By presenting cities in different shades and moods, Maity makes us think of them as living entities that have unique feels, sensibilities and presence.

By Tulika Tripathi

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