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The Scandinavian Call

March 21, 2017


Scandinavian Design is a design movement that emerged in the Nordic region in the 1950s. It is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionalism, and emphasized affordability and purpose in design. Artworks that are used in these spaces are influenced by these core tenets while contributing their own flavour to the space. While the Scandinavian Design aesthetic has influenced many contemporary design directions, it continues to evolve itself with new trends like the introduction of a more colour-oriented palette, metal accents and grey walls to break away from its established monochromatic theme.

As seen here- clean lines, simple colour schemes, light and airy spaces, and functional furniture pieces are all hallmarks of Scandinavian Design that is best complemented by monochromatic art.


Monochrome - Silence is Power

A monochromatic colour scheme is at the heart of Scandinavian Design. The interiors look effortless through architecture and light, and black and white monochromatic art adds to that organic “no-makeup” look that is striking without being attention-seeking. The artworks’ simple colours, instead of being used in stark contrast, are used to complement the decor, creating a soft and light colour palette that flows through the space.




Black and white semi-abstract and abstract art perfectly complement the monochromatic Scandinavian Design aesthetic. They lend the space interesting visual elements with understated, neutral subjects and a palette that does not overwhelm or distract from the rest of the space, fitting in harmoniously with the other decor elements.


Graphic Elements - Keep it Simple

In keeping with a simple and clean design feel, graphic elements are often introduced to these interior spaces. Graphic art is a great, accessible option to add this element. Different kinds of graphic art, ranging from bold designs to more delicate works, give the option of creating unique decor ensembles while maintaining a cohesive overall look. The graphic artworks can be used to complement other graphic elements in the decor like upholstery prints and calendars.



The choice between bold or delicate graphic art can help add nuances of character to the space.


Pops of Colour - Adding to the Tradition

The set characteristics of Scandinavian Design allow for fluidity and experimentation. Art is an easy way to add elements of colour to the decor without any need for time-consuming, drastic changes. Pops of colour can be used to break the reign of whites and blacks, while giving the spaces their unique, individual characters. Blue remains the popular choice of colour for adding accents to the decor. Its cool, neutral hues can range from sombre shades to brighter aquas.




Another way to introduce colour to the decor space is to commit to the process, adding pleasing pastel shades to the walls, art and decor pieces. This method preserves the clean Scandinavian Design aesthetic while breaking away from its more traditional monochromatic colour scheme.





Nature-based, landscape art can add a touch of freshness and life to the functional, simplicity-oriented decor aesthetic.


New Trends

Move over golds and silvers, when it comes to metal accessories and accents, copper is the new black.  Its warm tinge fits in seamlessly into the Scandinavian aesthetic, complementing both its graphic and monochromatic elements and art. With copper on one hand, the more sombre grey is also being introduced as a colour to break away from the established black and white monopoly. Greyscales have become a popular choice especially for walls and, like copper, do not disrupt the unique harmony of Scandinavian design.









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