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Thinking in Abstracts: The Art Of Pradeep Ahirwar

March 21, 2017


Early cave-paintings in France, Spain, Egypt, Somalia and closer to home in Madhya Pradesh share a common theme - they show primitive depictions of animals and nature that give us a glimpse into human history, some created more than 70,000 years ago. Nature has been a gracious muse to artists till the present time, awing and inspiring all. Bhopal-based Pradeep Ahirwar’s abstract artworks take their cue from Nature’s song, plunging into the water’s depths while also taking flight with the sails of clouds.



For Ahirwar, his canvas holds the acrylic language with which he speaks, conveying his thoughts and emotions. The depth of his paintings, with their restrained and textured use of colours, lies in this emotionality rather than the physicality of the visuals. Beauty may be indeed skin deep but the meaning is found elsewhere, more rooted in the heart and mind. When the viewer connects with the painting, they too join this conversation and share its joy.



The paintings convey the artist’s love for nature. He believes that there is beauty in everything. It is with the lens of the artist’s mind that this beauty is uncovered in the full glory of brilliant hues. The textures, forms and colours of his paintings pave meta-path of imagined experiences - flying through the sky and flowing along with water, that are all inspired by the forms and processes of nature.



His artworks, as with life, begin with a single form - a line that evolves and multiplies. The same line that is cast by a solitary bird in the sky, splits into several and forms a flock; a single curve of a wave germinates and creates a tide. They are never still and are ever transforming. His art captures these abstract moments of movement and crystallizes them for us to share and enjoy. He says, “I believe abstraction can touch upon something primary about our direct perception of being human. I’m interested in connecting the complex relationships between the natural world and personal experience..”, a relation that is at once direct and still and also oblique and moving.







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