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What Makes Jewel Tones Special

December 21, 2016

The rich hues of jewels stones find a home in multiple spaces, adding a unique brightness and radiance perfected by Nature herself. Art complements these jewel tones in a unique way requiring careful thought and consideration so as to create a holistic ambience without disrupting the natural tones. Here, we have combined the knack of choosing the right art and the historic significance of jewel stones to offer an interior taste that goes beyond the commonly used interior styles.




The brilliant blues of sapphire, azurite, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and turquoise; the elegant greens of jade and emerald; the warm shades of ruby, jasper, garnet and citrine; along with a galaxy of other tones like amethyst and topaz offer a giant palette of beautiful colours to get inspired from and create stunning spaces!

Airy Blueness of Lapis Lazuli

The white-dominant decor with the jewel tone accent comes together to create an airy and elegant space. The rich blue shade of lapis lazuli holds its own charm in the decor’s striking abstract art that ties together other elements with its statement presence. The colour rhythm is maintained by complementary coloured curios and upholstery prints.


There are records which show that lapis lazuli was mined as early as the 7th century BC in Afghanistan. The stone was an important element in artistic creations like jewelry, sculptures and paintings, and was prized since the age of ancient civilizations like India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and China.

Balancing Royal Purple of Amethyst

Committing to a decor colour can lead to stunning interior ensembles. Purple, a colour often associated with royalty, lends its rich hues to this amethyst-infused interior design. The delicate artworks with their clean white backgrounds add well-balanced breathing space to the room while still maintaining a complementary colour scheme. They interact with the rest of the decor elements like the flower vase placed before them because of their nature-inspired theme, also going well with the floral cushion covers.


Amethyst has an interesting story behind it. According to different literary sources, both ancient and modern, in ancient Greece amethyst was believed to prevent drunkenness and many drinking vessels were carved out of it to protect the user from dangerous inebriation. The word itself directly translates to “not intoxicated” in ancient Greek.

Soothing and Refined Jade

Jewel tones can also have an understated yet charming quality with hues like this milky jade. The soothing jade walls add a dollop of colour to the decor without being overpowering. Along the same lines, the black-and-white artworks continue to manifest the decor’s refined, restrained aesthetic quality. They add elements of visual interest without distracting from the quiet colour palette, bringing out the jade walls even more.


Jade has a long history intertwined with ancient China where it has been mined since the 6th century BC. Known as the “Emperor’s Stone,” it holds deep cultural significance and was used to make artifacts, ceremonial objects, jewelry and other items for various purposes. Jade was also valued in other ancient civilizations in India, Korea, Burma, native New Zealand and Mesoamerican cultures like the Mayans.

Vitality and Strength of Ruby

Regal ruby red has the ability to brighten any space with the colour’s strong and commanding character. Red walls and panels paired with a light carpet and white ceiling create drama without it being overdone. The artwork adds enough shades of colours of its own along with touches of red, making it partially blend it into the walls which are the real stars of this show.


Ruby derives its name from the Latin word “ruber” which means red. It is considered one of the four precious stones along with diamond, sapphire and emerald, and has an elevated position in several cultures. It is associated with light and blood as a life force, and was used by warriors, emperors and people with a high social standing for protection and wealth.








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