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What Makes Maximalist Interiors Bold and Fun

January 11, 2017



Awe-inspiring and exuberant would perhaps be modest descriptors of the larger-than-life Maximalist style that is defined by excess. Art plays an integral part in the Maximalist Decor space, adding colours, patterns, layers and stories to an ambiance that is already bursting at the seams to enchant us with its many voices.



As the name implies, Maximalist style ethos is doled out in superlatives, be it in its use of art, curios, patterns, furniture pieces and other interesting decor elements that are orchestrated together to form an ingenious, if not harmonious, whole. While designing the space, one eye is constantly kept on art since its aim is to achieve an impactful look, through each individual canvas as well as the larger frame of the space.


Patterns & Textures

It’s patterns galore in Maximalist utopia. Art, wallpapers and upholstery with statement patterns create a medley of textures and designs that are breathtaking to behold. This uniqueness is also achieved by Maximalism’s  daring approach to go beyond conventional notions of what matches and what doesn’t.

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Maximalism embraces an all-encompassing aesthetic and cherry-picks from different design styles and eras to create its own elements . As seen here - Oriental meets European, Indian meets Aztec, hoardings become collections, decor becomes installation and is elevated to the level of art.

(PS: Keep an eye out for that animal print cushion!)

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The Maximalist’s experimental eye will see any blank space as an opportunity waiting to happen. Art in different shapes and sizes offers a panacea to any space wanting in elements of interest. Walls draped with a collage offer an aesthetic wholeness that can only come with art.

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Colour, our basic doorway into the visual world, receives a special treatment in the Maximalist style that is anything but basic. Art is a pivotal element in this regard as well since it can set the tone for the rest of the decor to follow, be it matching or contrasting or another combination that is unexpected but still sublime.

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