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Why Art in Bathrooms is a better idea than we think!

August 16, 2016

Bathrooms don’t have to be just functional spaces. Art in bathrooms can radically transformed an erstwhile sterile, utilitarian room  into a warm space perfect for relaxing baths and unwinding after a long day. Check out these creative ideas of choosing and arranging artworks that fit diverse bathroom styles, and we think you’ll love them!

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Go floral and feminine with art in bathrooms!

A perfect blend of warmth and freshness, this artwork complements the cheerful feminine energy present in the room. Flowers by your side as you look into that mirror let you feel beautiful, even early in the morning! The piece effortlessly works with the antique design of the white chest drawers and mirrors.

Bold truly can be beautiful..

This combination is for those with tropical tastes! The leafy patterns of the artwork and the curtains blend smoothly to create that breezy feeling while taking a nice, hot bath on a cool, rainy evening. Or anytime else too! That oversize dragonfly is eye catching, yet not obtrusive. Add a couple of candles – the scented ones would be perfect, and you’ve brought that beach side vacation home to yourself!

Creating an arresting, yet zen-like ambiance…

A truly minimalist, soothing space, bathrooms like these need an artwork equally bold in silence and stillness. An abstract art allows for the building of a narrative and meaning, as the neutral white of the space. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the frame color and art arrangement; what you think may not work might just look the best!

Art in bathrooms: Pop prints for a burst of colour!

Imagine this space without the artwork for a moment. See what we mean? For a minimalist (read: bare) space like this, a vibrant piece of art adds that splash of colour. An artwork inspired by minimalism with subdued colours would perhaps blend in too much. This blank slate definitely demands a riot of colors, like this one, featured above.

Try abstract art in bathrooms for a more direct approach!

Nothing commands eyeballs like a graphic work of art. Quite showstopping, especially in an unexpected place like a bathroom. These artworks arranged together invite attention with their bold pastel colors and contrast, yet complement, the subdued interiors of this space.

Retro art in bathrooms – an ode to story telling!


Lastly, one for the retro lovers! The artworks around the mirror comes in all sizes and are monochromatic complete the look of vintage in this space. A great collection to be around before stepping out for a jazzy evening. Start off with this print by Sudipta Kundu, in a hauntingly gorgeous black and white.

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