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KG Narendra Babu

K.G. Narendra Babu (b. 1963) has completed his Diploma and Post-Graduate in Painting from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. His works consist of vibrant, surreal depictions of animals, human figures and natural motifs; these are intricately rendered on single coloured backgrounds that bring the artworks’ myriad elements together. The works exude a sense of busy energy and offer various visual storylines to explore. Narendra Babu has been part of exhibitions around the country, including Bangalore, Chennai and Jaipur. He has been awarded the 48th National Academy Award, Mumbai (2005); the I.F.S. Award, Chennai (1995), and the Tamil Nadu Nunkali Kuzu Award, Chennai (1988), among many other recognitions.

#surreal #figurative #fantasy

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