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Vinay Sane

Vinay Sane (b. 1963) is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai. The artist’s interest in painting began over thirty years ago while studying electrical engineering in IIT-Bombay and grew over the course of time, incorporating experiences and elements from his travels. Inspired by the visual aspects of his surroundings, he experimented with techniques and mediums before settling on abstract art. Sane believes that the beauty of formless abstracts is that they are amenable to interpretations. He writes, “Paintings should be ‘alive’ and mean different things to the same or different people at different times and places”. His paintings have also been deeply influenced by the tranquil surroundings of his ancestral home in Wai, Maharashtra where he spends many peaceful hours by the banks of the Krishna River. Sane has been a part of several shows in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Singapore, Italy and USA. 

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