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Parag Natekar

Parag Natekar is a Pune-based mixed-media artist who works primarily with acrylic colours and paper. According to the artist, human concerns and relations seen through the prism of challenges and interactions- "How much to give / How much to take / How much to overlap / and so on... gives a sense of rhythm, harmony or discord"; this idea forms the central theme of his works. Although he approaches the artworks with a conceptual thought, his process mainly focuses on the artwork's visual structure and composition that come about organically instead of being planned therefore. In his words, "chance, randomness and intuition are equally at play as are thoughtful planned actions. The final work is always 'arrived at' as opposed to being executed. The process is conversational, visceral, nonlinear and physical".

His works which give him another way to approach life, breaking away from the regimentation of a frantic, technologically-driven life. As he makes his way through the ups...
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